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Katalys shop lets you embed express checkout experiences for your advertisers directly within your units with nothing more than a JavaScript tag.
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Complete Sales Transactions
within your
Ad Units.

Embed Katalys and offer a seamless checkout, from first impression to payment. Increase conversion rates for your advertisers while generating secondary revenue streams for your business.
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How does it work?

We Fit Everywhere.

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Katalys fits into any placement responsively, creating the first self-contained, shoppable ad unit on the web!
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Transact sales directly within videos without driving the viewer off site. Prove your placements can be more than just branding!
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Keep your audience in your app while they purchase directly from ad units or within gameplay.

What Does Embedded Commerce Mean for Media?

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Data as Clear as Day.

Transparent integrated analytics reporting at the session-level with no data loss, and no need for coupon codes, or unique URLs.

Seamless Effort Setup

No Hard Tech Asks of your Clients.

All we need from your clients are a few lines of information, allowing us to connect directly with their payment systems.

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