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How Forbes Health Increased Affiliate Content Conversion Rates By 38% with Katalys Shops Embedded Commerce

The team at Forbes Health are experts in content monetization. “Working with various brands that align with our mission and our readership’s goals has been a part of our strategy for a while. We were looking for ways to not only optimize our earnings per click but our overall readers experience and saw Katalys Shops as an opportunity to do that” says Ryan Foulds; Director of Business Development Forbes Health.
Forbes Health Case Study

Discover how Katalys Shop outperformed affiliate links to:

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Commission Payouts
Over the span of six months we ran a test that showed 50% of the audience the traditional affiliate link experience. The other 50% saw one of the Katalys Shops experiences, featured below. The Katalys Shop experience was optimized over time to cater to the Forbes reader.
The difference between traditional affiliate linking and the Katalys Shops options was obvious across the board. There was a 38% overall increase in conversion rates and a 30% increase in earnings per click (EPC).
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Reader Engagement Pays Off
The Katalys experience drove an impact across both the editorial and the native ad placements with a higher impact seen on the ad placements. That impact is no accident – we know that readers enjoy visual, engaging content that gives them all of the information they need to make purchasing decisions without having to leave their current page. With Katalys, Forbes Health was able to provide an experience that readers love. The result was increased conversion rate and EPCs for both editorial and native ad placements.
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Optimize Your Conversion Rates with Katalys Shops
Katalys Shops enables you to easily convert customers wherever they are, optimizing your conversion rates, reader engagement, and time on site.
Frictionless Shopping Experience with 1-click Payment Options
Katalys Shops are fully integrated ecommerce widgets that process orders directly within a merchant’s ecommerce POS and payment gateway. Consumers can purchase 94% faster
Stay a Publisher: No Fulfillment or Customer Service Burden
With some shoppable content options you’re required to offer customer service or fulfillment. With Katalys Shops, you get all of the benefits of shoppable content while still maintaining your focus on what matters most: publishing great content.
Masterful Expert Strategy and Support
As experts at driving growth through commerce-driven content. Katalys will support every step of the strategy – from connecting with the right brands to writing high-performing content to optimizing your Shop strategy.
Diverse Range of Treatment Types
Katalys Shops adapts to any environment, turning every placement, conversation, and touchpoint into a potential point of sale.
THE katalys difference

We’re reimagining the future of affiliate content.

Katalys helps you improve monetization and reader engagement with technology like Katalys Shops, automated linking solutions, innovative content options and industry-leading reporting insights.

Above and beyond our technology, we put our expertise as leaders in affiliate marketing to work to help you create strategies that build relationships and maximize conversions.


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