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When Jason and I co-founded this company nearly five years ago, I don’t think either of us could have imagined how our company or industry would evolve. However, one thing we both knew was the one constant in the digital advertising landscape was change. 

In order to keep up with the times and continue to improve our service, we have managed the business through several transitions and phases of growth. We are now at one of our most exciting and dramatic milestones and changes in our business: a complete rebrand to Katalys! 

Our goal is, and always has been, to add as much value as possible to our clients as we drive growth for your business. With the rebrand to Katalys, we’re eager to share the what, why, and how behind our rebrand, as well as what you can expect in the future.

From RevOffers to Katalys – How We’ll Keep Serving You

Before, we were RevOffers, a performance-based affiliate network. 

Now, we are Katalys, and our goal is to drive transformative digital marketing and e-commerce strategies powered by innovative technology products and services. Rest assured that we are still focused on driving Positive Change through Performance Marketing, but we are expanding our offering and focusing on empowering what we call “Omniwin” partnerships. 

How are we doing this? In three primary ways:

  1. Expanding our existing platform and feature set to empower our brands and publishers to grow their performance partnerships
  2. Producing commerce content at scale to bring branded performant editorial-driven content to our partners
  3. Adding new game-changing Embedded Commerce technology to our stack

Improving Our Katalys Platform

Our new platform is designed to help optimize your reach and accelerate your growth. Our Attribution Engine™ is core to our platform, and we plan to offer more insightful data to our partners in order to optimize placements, improve conversion rates and drive more revenue. 

Publishers can access better affiliate monetization tools, and brands are empowered with their first-party data to make marketing decisions that improve performance. At the end of the day, what matters most is having the best tools at your fingertips to drive more sales. We believe we are setting our partners like you up for success with all the new features we will be rolling out this year and beyond. 

Developing Commerce Content at Scale

As Katalys, we offer done-for-you content solutions. Our award-winning team of writers will plan and create high-quality, search-engine-optimized content designed to convert. For publishers, it can be a done-for-you monetization solution that places premium brand partners into existing content automatically. Or we can create net new content that can grow your organic footprint while earning new net revenue. 

For brands, we get you placed directly into existing and new content, which can drive an increase in reach, brand awareness, social proof, increased authority, and brand equity. Oh, and let’s not forget… More Sales! Finally, brands and publishers can work together seamlessly to produce high-quality content that fuels performance partnerships. 

Adding New Embedded Commerce Technology

With our recent acquisition of 1o.io, we have bought a patented, industry-changing technology that allows your customers to shop anywhere using your existing e-commerce infrastructure. With this innovation, we are going beyond redirect links to facilitate commerce anywhere across the open web. 

Our Katalys Shop allows consumers to check out on a publisher’s website at the point of product discovery, whether in an article, programmatic ad, video, app, social platform, or even AR/VR. We see the future of the open web becoming more decentralized and distributed, and this is exactly what we’re doing for the e-commerce space. Already in our early testing, we have seen a dramatic improvement in performance when publishers run media using our Katalys Shops. We can’t wait for you to check this out: See Demo.  

What Katalys Gets Right

We want to help publishers maximize their revenue and brands grow their base of satisfied customers. 

Through our commerce media technology, we offer the following:

  • Rapid Scale and Growth
  • Distributed Commerce Solution
  • Predictable CAC for Brands
  • Improved Monetization for Publishers

Maximized Revenue

Katalys has a 360-degree monetization solution, so publishers earn commission when the customer purchases a product on their website or directly from the brand. Likewise, brands maximize their revenue by being featured in top-tier publications producing quality content designed to convert. 

Publishers Stay Publishers

Katalys Shop’s embedded commerce technology helps publishers grow revenue by increasing the touch points with a consumer where they can earn a commission on a sale. We do this without forcing our publishers to change business models, become the merchant of record or have a tech-heavy integration. 

Publishers earn an affiliate commission on any transaction that happens on their site but also, because of our attribution technology, you will also earn revenue when a consumer checks out on the brand’s website, the same way you are today. This increase in touch points will drive more overall revenue and allow us to provide full-funnel analytics data and a better overall user experience. 

Brands Acquire Customers

Katalys provides brands with a distributed storefront that scales new customer acquisition while growing their partnerships with publishers. We’ll continue to help brands establish and build relationships with our exclusive, curated publishers, marketers, and influencers. Since we help you manage the process of publisher recruiting, training, compliance, and payouts, all the heavy lifting is done with you. And now, you have new and innovative technology to help you acquire customers more effectively than ever before. 

Transact Anywhere

Consumers who want to transact anywhere won’t be limited by the type of content that inspires them. They’re just three clicks away from completing their purchase, whether it’s in-content, a programmatic advertising unit, social media, video, and app, or Web 3.0. Along with the convenience of embedded commerce, customers know they’re buying directly from the brand once they are inspired by a product or service. 

The Future of Katalys

What does the future hold in store? Our true vision is to change how commerce is transacted on the internet while empowering the world’s greatest brands and publishers to accelerate growth through Omniwin partnerships.

We’re excited for you to be part of it with us! 

If you’d like to learn more about Katalys and our new offerings, please get in touch with us today. And thank you for all your support thus far! 


Matt Stein

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Katalys 

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