Future-Proof Your Commerce Media Strategy

Future Proof Your Commerce Media Strategy

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Calling out brand safety blind spots • Automated brand safety filters risk misinterpreting content, costing publishers ad revenue due to unwarranted demonetization.

  • Time’s Taylor Swift feature, exclusive interview with Sam Altman, and story on the James Webb telescope were all incorrectly flagged as brand unsafe – revealing glaring issues with brand safety tech.

  • Publishers advocate for more human oversight, citing that technology alone can’t accurately interpret nuanced journalistic content when flagging keywords.

Defrosting in Q1 • While some publishers struggled with ad revenue, others reported significant improvements in their direct-sold deals and open exchange business.

  • Publishers like The Atlantic and The Guardian U.S. reported campaign delays, with advertisers holding off until Q2, affecting the revenue outlook for Q1.

  • Despite challenges with direct-sold campaigns, programmatic CPMs rose through Q1, allowing cautious optimism for the quarter ahead.

Stepping into the future • Partnership marketers are evaluating new opportunities and challenges while engaging today’s savvy consumers, unlocking fresh monetization avenues, and navigating the twisty road of regulations.

  • As viewer habits shift, streaming platforms spearhead the ad-supported model, blending modest fees with strategic ad placements.

  • Pinterest’s focus on quality and relevance over recency makes it a gold mine for sustained consumer engagement, with tools that boost pin visibility and conversions.

TikTok steps up its game • The social media giant’s latest enhancements empower advertisers with unprecedented control, ensuring their ads dodge risky content and align perfectly with their values.

  • The new Brand Safety Hub in TikTok Ads Manager acts as mission control, simplifying navigation and access to essential ad safety tools.

  • Advertisers can leverage ‘Category Exclusion’ and ‘Vertical Sensitivity’ to keep ads clear of delicate content, tailoring where your brand shines on TikTok.

E-commerce rewrites the rules • With every click tied directly to business outcomes, old online advertising metrics are making way for new benchmarks that measure real-world impact and growth.

  • Giants like Google and Meta are pioneering sophisticated approaches, focusing on the lifetime value of customers rather than just immediate gains, adapting to the nuanced needs of the modern e-commerce landscape.

  • These emerging metrics compel advertisers to overhaul their strategies, emphasizing long-term value and overall business impact over simple click-throughs and views.

Commerce media takes the lead • Brands are discovering the power of reaching consumers directly at the point of purchase, redefining traditional advertising and media strategies.

  • With ad spend projected to rise by 5.6% in 2024, commerce media is poised to claim a significant share – with forecasts suggesting it will account for 19% of all ad spend by 2028.

  • Retail media’s data-driven nature lets marketers target and track with precision, ensuring their campaigns are both engaging and effective at driving sales.
Future of Commerce

Embrace the era of people-first content • Google’s latest updates reward content that truly resonates with readers, marking a seismic shift in SEO tactics—your content must connect, not just convince.

  • Creating people-first content helps align marketers with Google’s emphasis on helpfulness, reliability, and user focus.

  • Using tools like the “Five Whys” and reframing techniques ensures content not only meets SEO standards but also genuinely engages and assists the audience.

American shoppers defy economic gravity • US consumers continue to open their wallets despite financial headwinds – painting a picture of an economy that’s tougher than it looks.

  • Retail sales soared 0.7% month-over-month, outpacing economist forecasts and marking a 4% year-over-year increase.

  • Morgan Stanley’s bump in GDP growth forecasts to 2.7% signals a guarded optimism for the U.S. economy’s path ahead, despite ongoing challenges.

Building trust in the data age • As new regulations take hold, the ad industry is rethinking data collection to prioritize consumer trust and first-party data.

  • Over 80% of companies are reworking their operations to align with privacy-first practices.

  • They are training staff, setting up dedicated teams, and bringing in external experts to find the balance between consumer privacy and economic growth.
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How Brands and Publishers Both Win with Katalys Shops

  • Results: Forbes Health and their CBD brand partners increased conversion rates by 38% with Katalys Shops embedded commerce.

  • Analysis: When publishers have the option to provide more visual, high-performing affiliate content everyone wins – brands, publishers, and customers.

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